Psychology Training Workshops Liverpool

The perfect combination of workshops and training

Whether you want to know more about the latest methods of psychology or you want training delivered for your business, North West Psychology has something for you.

Creating a hub for learning

Bringing internationally respected psychologists to Liverpool offers you the opportunity to learn from pioneers in the field. The hugely successful workshops we created with EMDR specialist Herman Veerbeek shared knowledge and best practice regarding –

  • Treatment of veterans
  • Resolving long term PTSD symptoms
  • Helping violent offenders
  • Secure unit protocols
  • Destructive externalising behaviour
  • Anger and revenge

If you’d like to know more about forthcoming training events call today on 0151 691 4936 or get in touch for more details.

Practical application of training for your business

When you or your business want training to challenge ways of thinking and operating North West Psychology creates bespoke packages focused on your need.

Making the workplace a better place

Providing training to your employees or clients can create a pattern of behaviour that improves the work environment through –

  • Stress resistance – avoiding a sense of being overwhelmed
  • Mindfulness – being aware of your thoughts and behaviour in the present
  • Safe behaviour – reducing accidents by being self aware
  • Increased focus – making goals and targets realistic and achievable
  • Intense mentoring – working closely with employees and clients

When you want to improve the way your business performs North West Psychology create bespoke solutions personalised on your need. We can even help you create new procedures for your whole organisation.

If you’d like an individual plan designed to improve the well-being and productivity of your employees, service users or clients call today on 0151 691 4936 or get in touch to tell us more about your objectives.

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