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Bespoke psychology services

You’re unique. That’s why we create personalised packages of developmental, treatment and support focused on your individual need. Understanding you, North West Psychology apply specialist techniques within a theoretical framework for lasting results.

Changing your life for the better

Offering individual services and setting personalised goals, careful assessment creates a framework for change that’s realistic, achievable and sustainable.

Client focused services delivering lasting change

By putting you at the centre of the services we provide you’re in control of your progress. Understanding your problem and taking ownership of your personalised treatment enables you to –

  • Change – adjust your way of thinking and operating
  • Understand yourself – continually challenge your thinking in a meaningful way
  • Self help – managing your own well-being beyond the end of treatment

Would you like to change the way you think and behave? It can be achieved. Call today on 0151 691 4936 or get in touch with any questions you have.

How we can help…

Developmental, Treatment & Support

If you want to change your behaviour North West Psychology use the latest specialist techniques to change lives for the better. However you want to progress your life we can help with –

  • Mental health issues
  • Life events
  • Adapting to change
  • Achieving goals
  • Enhancing personal development

If you want to take control of your thinking and the actions you choose call now or get in touch.

Personal, Educational & Achievement Assessment

Providing you with tailor-made assessments designed to highlight your individual need, our wide range of services focuses on –

  • Specialised health – improving emotional well-being
  • Psychology and educational tools – helping with emotions from anger to depression
  • Detailed personalised reports – concise findings that are easily understood

Helping you achieve goals

Understanding your learning difficulties will help you to identify the best way to absorb knowledge and achieve your ambitions. Identifying your Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLDs) enables personalised –

  • Assessment – gauging educational and intellectual achievement
  • Reports – in line with Department for Education guidelines

Challenging the causes of trauma

If you’ve experienced trauma the specialist treatment Eye Movement Desensitisation & Reprocessing (EMDR) can help. EMDR offers you an integrated psychotherapy approach to treat trauma arising from a range of experiences including –

  • Childhood abuse or neglect
  • Experience of war
  • Assault
  • Workplace accidents
  • Traffic accidents

EMDR creates new coping mechanisms for long lasting traumatic events. If you’d like to know more about how we can help you deal with difficult life experiences call today on 0151 691 4936 or get in touch with any questions you have.

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