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Making your workplace a healthy environment

If you want your business to be a success looking after your employees will help you achieve that ambition. Creating an environment for your employees that improves their well-being and mental strength makes good business sense.

Leading the way on workplace stress

Challenging mental health problems in the workplace is good for your team and your business. Stress affects every business and impacts on your productivity through –

  • Absence – on average employees takes seven sick days annually
  • Increased mental health problems – accounting for 40% of absences
  • Presenteeism – struggling employees underperform for on average 10 days every year

Recognising when help is needed

When your employees experience an incident or trauma in or out of work effective support can reduce the risk of absence and maintain high levels of performance.

Helping you to maintain a productive workforce, North West Psychology offer –

  • Treatment – processing and resolving mental health problems
  • Advice – effective leadership and staff management reduces risk
  • Solutions – improved understanding enhances employee / management relationships and performance

If having a healthy, productive workforce and a successful business appeals to you call today on 0151 691 4936 or get in touch.

Employee Assessment & Treatment

If you have an employee who would benefit from changed thinking and operating North West Psychology use specialist tools to provide –

  • Assessment – understanding specific problems unique to your employee
  • Personalised treatment – bespoke treatment focused on individual need
  • Formal or informal reports – delivering findings the way you want

Offering you a broad range of assessment and treatment, our particular specialties lie in –

  • Workplace trauma – incidents or actions witnessed or experienced
  • Stress – negative physical, mental and emotional responses to change
  • Bereavement – helping employees cope with their loss
  • Family issues – personal problems impact on work
  • Malingering – challenging the exaggeration of workplace issues

Keeping managers effective

If you want to avoid mental health problems resulting in poor decision making by your managers North West Psychology offers recruitment and assessment to reduce that risk.

Keeping decision making clear and focused

The decisions your managers make help develop your business and improve performance of those they manage. Mental health problems that aren’t identified, assessed and treated can result in –

  • Lost business – a drop in standards can lead to lost contracts
  • Damage to reputation – poor quality work and communication affect your image
  • Declining motivation – unchecked problems can damage performance
  • Conflict – failure to focus and perform can damage relationships

If you want to protect your business from poor performance psychometric testing and advanced psychology tools could uncover and resolve hidden problems. Call today on 0151 378 1080 or get in touch to discover how your business could benefit.

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