Are you a conscientious employer, concerned about your employee’s welfare? Are you concerned that an employee’s performance has tailed off? Think some of your employees may have work, personal or family issues that are affecting their working life? Maybe you are an employee and would like some professional support in dealing with issues at work or at home? Employee assessment and treatment can help return workers to top condition, by helping them understand and cope with internal and external pressures.

Employee Assessment and Treatment

We spend a large proportion of our life at work and this can be a time that we either enjoy, cope with or a time of overwhelming stress. It is important for the business to recognise if employees are struggling, not only for the health and wellbeing of the individual, but also for the health and productivity of the business. The issues often fall into the following categories:


  •  Workplace Safety – Although workplace safety is largely the responsibility of the employer, employees have a shared responsibility for their own issues such as, coping with shift work, poor sleep patterns, maintaining concentration, workplace decision making, external “life” problems and mental health issues amongst others


  • Work life Balance – with pressures at work and an increasing workload often impact on the ability to meet the demands of life at home. Struggling to cope with home and family life along with those at work, can often lead to pressure and tension at home, potentially creating conflicts within the family home


  • Workplace Bullying – Employers are responsible for preventing bullying and harassment in the workplace. However, bullying does happen and can make the victim feel intimidated or offended, possibly reducing their ability to perform their work duties effectively. Read more

Employee Assessment and Treatment 

North West Psychology are a team of specialists, based in Liverpool, who provide employee assessment and treatment, helping to fully understand specific needs and design a tailor-made development, treatment and support plan to help individuals.

Employee Assessment and Treatment

If you are an employer who wants to offer employee assessment and treatment or to implement a stress management program for individuals who maybe struggling in your workplace, then call North West Psychology now and arrange your confidential meeting

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Employee Assessment and Treatment

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