It’s the holiday season again! Fun, parties, celebrations, family, alcohol, food, change of routine, smiles, happiness and everyone full of the festive spirit! Whilst this is true for a lot of us, there are people whose reality of this time of the year isn’t quite so cheerful. It can be a time of great stress, pressure, loneliness and a time filled with negativity. It’s not just people who have a history of depression that suffer at this time of year, it can hit anyone and it’s important to try and prevent depression over the holiday season.

Prevent Depression Over the Holiday Season

With all the fun and celebrations taking place, it can make things much worse for others, with constant reminders of the lack of happiness, stability or love in their lives. Divorce, family conflicts, break-ups, loss, loneliness, work stress, money issues and a whole host of other troubles all contribute to this negative mood, often leading to a deterioration of people’s normal outlook on life.

A few tips that can help to prevent depression over the holiday season are:

  • Make time for yourself – if you are feeling stressed, go for a walk, take some exercise, read a book – a little bit of “me time”.
  • Stay healthy – over-eating, over-drinking, rich food and alcohol can all take their toll. Don’t forget to balance the un-healthy intake with healthy options wherever possible.
  • Don’t over commit – there’s only so much time that you have. Don’t put yourself under stress by offering to do everything.
  • Plan – write lists, allocate chores and duties to family – all helping to give you a sense of control and reduce the pressure.
  • Budget – money worries cause a lot of worry, so make sure that you budget for everything – and stick to it!
  • Make peace – try and put aside family conflicts, relationship troubles and other inter-personal issues during the holiday season, reducing stress and creating a happier environment.
  • Be realistic – advertising and the media portray holiday seasons as being a magical, happy time – be realistic and try not to compare your abilities and situation with others.
  • Recognise loss – it may be a sad time due to loved ones not being with you anymore, but this is ok, recognise their passing, take time to have a cry and remember them as they are still part of the family.
  • Recognise if you need support – if you do struggle, find it hard to cope, your life seems to be falling apart and depression is taking hold, then take time to see someone who can help, give you professional support and help you on the road to full health again. You are not alone.

Prevent Depression Over the Holiday Season

The points above are very general and by no means are the solution to everyone’s troubles, but trying to understand the reasons as to why people are feeling depressed, struggling with life and not coping the first steps to becoming more positive.

North West Psychology are a team of specialists, based in Liverpool, who can help you to prevent depression over the holiday season and in the future. They can develop a personal support plan to help you through the difficult cycles in your life and deal with life’s influences that may be causing you to struggle, feel depressed, anxious and help you cope.

Prevent Depression Over the Holiday Season

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Prevent Depression Over the Holiday Season

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