Have you lost a family member recently? A spouse, partner or sibling? Has a close friend or relative passed away recently? Maybe their death was some time ago. Are you struggling to cope with their loss and having difficulty in adjusting to life without them? Losing a loved one can be a massive challenge and can lead to a huge negative impact on the people closest to the one who has died.

Losing a Loved One

Losing a loved one may be one of the hardest challenges during someone’s life and can lead to a period of shock, confusion sadness or depression. Typically, these feelings and emotions will change over time as we come to terms with the sadness, but grieving is a natural part of the process and can need careful management to help with the coping mechanism.

People react differently to loss and the personal coping mechanism has different effects. Healthy habits and social support are critical in the process and can help the passage through the grieving process. However, there is no clear and set pathway to follow, everyone is different and may need different levels of support.

Losing a Loved One

Some people may struggle with grief for longer and the effects on their life can be far reaching, often preventing them from carrying out their normal daily activities. These people, struggling to cope, can benefit from the help of a psychologist, who can help make sense of their world, talk about the death of the loved one and help accept feelings and thoughts about losing a loved one.

North West Psychology are a team of specialists, based in Liverpool, who will help you to fully understand your loss and develop a personal support plan to help you through the difficult cycles in your life and deal with the consequences of losing a loved one.

losing a loved one

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