Have your children all left home? Perhaps gone to University recently. Maybe they have moved out to set up their own home with a spouse or partner. Maybe your child is due to move out shortly and leave an empty bedroom behind. Empty Nest Syndrome isn’t a medical condition, sometimes known as the post-parental period, but the effects can be disruptive, upsetting and affect the day-to-day life of the parents left at home. Anxiety, stress, sadness and sometimes happiness and excitement can all be part of the Empty Nest Syndrome and affect different people in different ways. North West Psychology are a team of experts, based in Liverpool serving Wirral, Merseyside and Cheshire and can help you AND your children come to terms with the change in your life.

Empty Nest Syndrome

It is well known that a child moving out can cause a feeling of loss, emptiness, depression and anxiety and whilst this is to be expected, especially for a first child leaving home, it’s crucial that these feelings do not take hold and affect your life dramatically after a few weeks. At this stage it is important to consult with a professional therapist and they can help you transit through this change, help you understand your feelings and maintain a healthy balance in your life. This will allow you to manage the change in your life and to develop the next stage of your journey.

Empty Nest Syndrome does not only affect Mothers, but Fathers are just as likely to experience these feelings too, often trying to hide their feelings, they too can feel the adverse consequences of a child leaving home. Both men and women can often compensate for their change by over-eating, increasing their alcohol intake and other life-damaging, short-term comforts.

Empty Nest Syndrome

North West Psychology are a team of specialists, based in Liverpool, who will work with you to fully understand your specific needs and develop a tailor-made development, treatment and support plan to help you through the difficult cycles in your life and deal with the consequences of a child leaving home.

Empty Nest Syndrome

Are you struggling to cope with a child leaving home? If you, your partner, or both of you need support then call North West Psychology now and arrange your confidential meeting.

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